Authentic Leadership Self-Assessment

Summarize your results in Leadership Development Journal: Entry #2.

Include in the summary:

  • How you see yourself and your authentic leadership traits
  • What the self-assessment indicates about you

Complete the Servant Leadership Questionnaire in Ch. 10.

Summarize your results in your Leadership Development Journal: Entry #2. Include in the summary:

  • How you see yourself and your servant leadership skills
  • What the questionnaire indicates about you

Format consistent with APA guidelines.

will provide the completed test information also the notes from last weeks assignment showing what the instructor exspects as last week scores were very bad.

this is the assignment fir this it has my completed test results already.

this is the journal done last week by another tutor the instructor gave advice on what was wrong with the paper. he did 2 assignments for me and the grades for both were not good so I am desperate that this assignment is perfect I will have 5 more weeks of work for you if you do it right for me.

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