Assess your clinical site.

Assess your clinical site this semester and talk with a nurse manager about an issue that requires changing and create a change project.;

Observe your environment. Your change project should apply to the health care facility where you have your clinical. Assess the site for signs and symptoms of the need for change. Look at the nursing processes in place: do they work efficiently, are infection control practices being done routinely. Anything can be a catalyst for change as long as it adds something positive to the establishment. Then, diagnose the problem that indicates a need for change.

Pick a change theory. Lewin’s change theory is used widely in nursing. Despite this fact, there are many other change theories you can use like Spradley’s theory of change, Lippitts change theory or Roger’s theory of change. Pick the ones that best suit the change you are trying to bring about.

Put a plan together. Using your selected change theory, write a plan based on each step of the theory you have chosen. Your plan should address what you will do to solve the problem you have diagnosed. It should include activities that will combat the problem and bring about change, a method to measure the success of the plan such as a quiz and a way to make the change permanent. Be sure to include a timeline or timetable for your change project. It needs to have a beginning and an end.

Organize the materials you will hand in. Prepare your timeline, plan for bringing about change and evaluation method.


What barriers to the policy or change did they experience?

How did they approach solving the problem?

Who were the stakeholders?

What was the result?

What would they do differently next time?

What did you learn about leadership that could help the change occur smoothly?

Please use at least 4 scholarly, current leadership journal articles to support your knowledge about leadership.

Write 3 pages in APA format ( use the template I provided in doc sharing) with abstract and a conclusion that identifies what was learned as a result of this assignment.

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