Assertion, Passages of Support and Analysis, Connection and Question

Directions: Develop an assertion about The Handmaid’s Tale that invokes a lens of Literary Criticism – your choice (Feminist, Psychoanalytic, Marxist, Structuralist etc.). I’m leaving this question very open-ended because I want you to write about whatever is most interesting and compelling to you.


Develop an assertion/thesis about the poem and utilizing the lens (this should be just a few sentences).
Find passages/lines from the text that support your assertion and analyze how the passages/lines connect to your assertion, and explain these connections as specifically as you can (this should be the bulk of your assignment).
Consider a connection to another text we’ve worked with this semester – a poem, a novel, a film etc. Explain why the connection is important to you, informative for you and illustrates something about your assertion or the text.
Develop a question that generates discussion from the class about your poem/the assertion you’ve made about the poem. Make sure the question is grounded in the poem and answerable from knowledge of the poem.
*please see the APCQ rubric for specifics on how you will be evaluated for this assignment

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