Aspects of real Renaissance life to the nature and meaning of a work of Renaissance art.

For your module 7 paper assignment, I would like you to write a two-page essay inspired by the approach of Bill Wallace in connecting aspects of real Renaissance life to the nature and meaning of a work of Renaissance art. So here is what I ask: Select a work of Italian Renaissance art other than a piece by Michelangelo (it can be anything Italian that dates from 1250 to 1600) and explore that work of art in relation to something in the “real life” of its artist or the times and circumstances of that artist’s real life. Your task here is to demonstrate, or make an argument, for how something about real life opens up and reveals an overlooked meaning or a deeper meaning of your chosen work of art. This can be factual or fictional. It just needs to be “Wallace-like” in bringing art and life together. Be sure to describe your work of art, describe what aspect of real life you are engaging with, and explore deeply and in an interesting and thought-provoking way how your approach really shines a new light on your chosen work of art. Finally, I ask that you not write this in terms of “I chose this piece, etc.” Instead, write it like an essay that you’d find in a magazine, and you might even think about this in terms of if you were a reader, thumbing through a magazine, and you happened to come upon this really interesting piece of writing by X, Y, or Z person (YOU!) who wrote a really, REALLY interesting piece connecting Renaissance life and Renaissance art. Have fun with this.


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