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Compose 5+ well-written paragraphs: Introduce the work with title, artist, date, size, medium, collection, and any other pertinent information. Devote a paragraph per formal quality you address. Wrap it up with a conclusion about the overall visual effect of the composition. You may briefly include your own reaction to the visual qualities of the work here. Use 12-point type in a free front (Times, Arial, etc.) Identify three to five of the major formal aspects present in the artwork. Give a paragraph to each, providing several sentences to explain how each major formal quality is implemented and how it affects the overall composition. Use visual language. You gotta write a visual essay about the picture from the artist called Walter de Maria the image is in the materials the art piece is a 3d art piece which is called the thunder feild 4D Examples of 4D media: Video Art, Short Film, Animation, Installation, Performance Art, Interactive Art/Design Formal Aspects of 4D Work: Formal Elements Shape/ Forms (The shapes of objects or implied shapes of groups of elements) Space (Overall scale) Color (Hue, Value, Intensity, Light and Dark) Line (open lines, solid, varied, angular, curvy, hard, soft, thick, thin,etc.) Texture (smooth, hard, bumpy, rough, punctured, sharp, soft, etc.) Audio (sound effects, narration, music, dialogue, ambient) Duration (length in time, looped, infinite, event/happening) Arrangement Pace and Rhythm (normal time, sped up, slow motion, go at your own pace) Order (image sequence, cause and effect relationship, simultaneity) Editing (cropping of images, framing of scene, change of scene, transitions) Audience (user flow, does the viewer have influence on the art or is it merely viewed?) Role of the Artist (Is the artist present in the work…if so, in what way) Composition Composition (How Formal Elements are presented, layed out, sequenced, or experienced) Format (the media involved in the delivery of the work) Clarity / Ambiguity (The degree a message/narratibcqve is delivered and understood)

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