Argument Dinner Party Series

  1. Identify three ideas from each of the following that stand out to you. These can be shared as bullet points but should express complete thoughts that a peer could learn from.
    • The Academic Argument
    • Argument Dinner Party Series, Part I
    • Argument Dinner Party Series, Part II
    • The Parts of Essays: Main Claims, Subclaims, and Outlines
    • Parts of Body Paragraphs (SEER)
    • They Say/I Say, Chapter 3
    • They Say/I Say, Chapter 4
  2. Identify one technique you’d like to work on from the readings or videos listed, above, and write 100-125 words about this skill, why it’s important, and how you’ll incorporate this learning in your essays this semester.
  3. It can be a challenge to find sources that oppose ours when we are writing academic arguments. How have you found opposing sources or what is a technique you could try? How might you break a problem down to find an important element that a credible source might disagree with?
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