American Government Research and Discussion

This has two parts >> Discussion which is due by tomorrow and the research paper which is due in three days, I prefer immigration as the topic but whichever your more comfortable with.


Research Paper Discussion
In at least 300 words, summarize what you plan to write your research paper on. What are you researching, what will your primary argument be, and what will you be using for sources?

Then, provide ONE feedback response to a fellow classmate’s post. Comment on their research plan, do you have any suggestions? Can you suggest any additional sources? No citations necessary for this post.

Research Paper
The research paper will need to be at least 1200 words on a topic of your choice. I have provided a list of topics to choose from, but you are encouraged to suggest a new topic you are interested in if you discuss it with me first. Your opinion is important, but it must be based in evidence. Make sure you predominantly use your own words, cite everything you use in APA format – provide in-paragraph citations in your paper (New York Times, 2015), and provide a reference list at the end of the paper with all of your sources (I would suggest a using an online citation machine to help, like this one). I will also read any drafts sent to me up to a week before the final paper is due. A grading rubric is shared below.

Gerrymandering: Find three examples of gerrymandered districts in the US and discuss why they are considered gerrymandered. Why do politicians use gerrymandering? Why can it be considered undemocratic? What methods have some suggested to fix gerrymandering? Do you think these are necessary and will they work?
Judicial Activism and Restraint: Research 2 Supreme Court Justices who are considered to be judicial activists and 2 who are considered to practice judicial restraint. Describe their philosophy and their approach to interpreting the Constitution. Do they view the Constitution as a living document or are they originalists? What effect does this perspective have on their Supreme Court decisions? Can you find examples of decisions that were influenced by their philosophy? Do these examples show that one philosophy is always preferable to the other? Is judicial activism sometimes necessary?
Civil Rights: Research the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision, the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Explain how judicial precedence established by the Brown v. Board of Education decision expanded civil rights in the US. Then, explain the importance of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and their effect on civil rights in the US. Has it been enough or is more action necessary today?
Gender Equality: Research the current number of women in the US Congress today, then look at the number of women in corporate board rooms across the country. Are these numbers lower than they should be? What would be considered the “right” number of women in these institutions? What effect does having less women in these institutions have? How can this situation change and do you foresee it changing in the near future?
Immigration: First, lay out the debate. How has US immigration policy changed since the 1990s? What is our current immigration policy? Then discuss both sides of the argument. From those who support expanded immigration, what are the benefits of greater immigration? From those who support restricted immigration, what are the benefits of restricted immigration/downsides of greater immigration? Based on the evidence you find from those arguments, then argue for or against our current immigration policy. Finally, answer what should our immigration policy be?
The preferred topic is on immigration; however, look through the others and determine which you feel best with.

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