Advertising campaign.

This assignments refers to Case 15 on Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty to relaunch Dove beauty products.
Refer to Section 2: Analyzing Marketing Problems and Cases of your text. Also refer to Section 4, Part B of your text on Sources of Marketing Information. Taking the framework in Section 2 into account and using information from sources in Section 4, Part B and elsewhere as needed, read Section 5, Case 15 on “Hips Feel Good” – Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty and answer the questions below. Remember to include a reference list of sources you used at the back of your assignment. Use APA reference style for your list of references (See for a useful guide to APA referencing.)
The relaunch campaign for Dove beauty products in step 1 relied heavily on an advertising campaign. How would you advise Kersten Dunleavy to approach step 2 of the relaunch campaign? In answering this question you should consider the following:
1. Should she continue with the advertising campaign? If so, include details on advertising objectives and advertising decisions she will need to take (motivate your answer).

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