Advantages and disadvantages to doing survey research

Generally speaking, what are some advantages and disadvantages to doing survey research for a quantitative research?
what are some additional questions that you have about the different quantitative methods that are out there? Use this as an opportunity to gain some clarity on the research methods discussed this week.
Summary of research method discussed this week:
Purpose: To understand & interpret social interactions.
Group Studied: Smaller & not randomly selected.
Variables: Study of the whole, not variables.
Type of Data Collected: Words, images, or objects.
Form of Data Collected: Qualitative data such as open-ended responses, interviews, participant observations, field notes, & reflections.
Type of Data Analysis: Identify patterns, features, themes.
Objectivity and Subjectivity: Subjectivity is expected.
Role of Researcher: Researcher & their biases may be known to participants in the study. Participant characteristics may be known to the researcher.
Results: Particular or specialized findings that are less generalizable.
Scientific Method: Exploratory or bottom-up: the researcher generates a new hypothesis and theory from the data collected.
View of Human Behavior: Dynamic, situational, social, & personal.
Most Common Research Objectives: Explore, discover, & construct.
Focus: Wide-angle lens; examines the breadth and depth of phenomena.
Nature of Observation: Study behavior in a natural environment.
Nature of Reality: Multiple realities; subjective.
Final Report: Narrative report with contextual description & direct quotations from research participants.

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