Address the title of the story, what does it really MEAN by myth?


12 pt font, times new roman, 1 inch margins, double spaced

Read story and begin to develop thesis statement.

1st page must be your introduction, a full page long. Mention the author first. Then mention 3 main topics you will be presenting in each body page. Then use those 3 as subtopics in your thesis statement. Make sure thesis is towards the end of intro and it clearly stated.

Use literary elements to examine the story. For example she uses imagery and anecdotes to express the theme of racism within the story. Argue that these stereotypes are untrue and potentially harmful.

Support your thesis with compare and contrast or cause/effect. Use examples from popular culture, for example books, tv shows, that feature POC, talk about how they are portrayed. Address the title of the story, what does it really MEAN by myth? How would some one who is a man or non latino respond to this? What race is this primarily directed toward? Explain what she means by cultural schizophrenia.

2nd page will be your 1st point & supporting evidence

3rd page will be your 2nd point & supporting evidence.

4th page will be your 3rd point & supporting evidence.

and the 5th page will be a page long conclusion of all 3 subtopics and summary of what has been written.

The reading link. Use my one page essay to develop a 5 page essay on the same subject.

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