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1. Complete Myer’s Home Supply Company’s worksheet. In the first worksheet tab at the bottom of the Excel workbook is the beginning of a worksheet. You are given the trial balance portion. You need to enter the adjustments below in the adjustment columns and then complete the remainder of the worksheet through the adjusting trial balance columns. When completing the adjusted trial balance, all numbers need to be brought over using formulas. No number should be entered manually. Also, format the worksheet so that it prints out onto one page. It can be portrait or landscape, whichever you find more attractive. Be sure that the header is centered. Also, be sure that all numbers are formatted the same. Do not have same numbers showing cents and others not. Do not have some numbers left justified and some right justified. 2. Prepare the multi-step income statement, statement of retained earnings, and the classified balance sheet for Myer’s Home Supply Company for the year ended December 31, 2020. Each statement should be done on the appropriate Excel spreadsheet tab. Each report should use formulas for each of the numbers. The numbers for the reports should be linked to the adjusted trial balance. So each number should be brought over from the adjusted trial balance using a formula. Numbers cannot just be entered manually.X1 – 210 Excel Financial Statement Project Spreadsheet Spring 20(1)

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