Abortion: Process and ethics

Basics of presentation: Your presentation should give information in an organized way. Minimum 20 slides are must. There is no max. I do expect to see some graphics/images related to your topic. It is important to cover the topic in detail. Be creative. If you use content/images from web, do mention the source on last slide. Points will be taken off for not citing the source, incorrect information, spelling mistakes and lack of content. Each presentation requires the following: Introduction of the topic: its meaning, historical path and general overview (20 points) Procedure or mechanism involved. (20 points) Personal and social importance (20 points) Bioethical issues or any social issues (national/international) related to topic (20 points) Your position on the topic with explanation (20 points) Important: Procedure and Submission dates for presentations Step 1: Choose Topic — Students must email me their topic for confirmation on/before 8.00 pm 3rd December. One topic can be assigned to 3 students only, therefore it is important that you email me your topic asap. Topics will be assigned on first come first served basis. If a student doesn’t email me the topic by due date, I will randomly assign a topic to that student. Once I confirm topic via email, you can begin working on your powerpoint presentation. Make sure to use the grading criteria shown above as you make your presentation. Step 2: Draft submission. Not mandatory but highly recommended—- Students do have the option to submit me a draft to get my feedback. This way all students can score maximum points on their final version. Draft of presentation must be submitted on/before 8.00 pm Monday, 7th December. I will send you feedback on draft by 8th evening. Step 3: Final powerpoint submission — Students must submit their final presentation on or before 8.00 pm 11tDecember. I wont be accepting any presentations via email. No late submissions will be accepted.

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