A Country’s Obligation

A Country’s Obligation


You are a member of the country
Eggonia’s grand council on ethics. The country has been giving charge of
deciding whether or not your country’s citizen are morally obligated to send
famine relief to the neighboring country of Furesia In centuries past both
countries have had thriving economies that were based on small egg laying
mammals called the frazzles During the summer the frazzles will migrate to
Furesia where they would shed their fur Furesians would collect the fur and
sell them to neighboring countries In the winter the frazzles would travel to
Eggonia where they would mate and lay their eggs Eggonians would then harvest
and sell the eggs A hundred or so years ago, the Eggonians discovered that
they could capture the frazzles and keep them locked up in factories where the
could produce eggs all year round (keeping in mind that that while in
captivity, fur ceases to grow on the frazzles) while this resulted in a booming
Eggonian Economy (roughly as prosperous as the current US economy), it also had
the effect of bringing the Furesian economy to ruin With almost no natural
recourses, the Furesians have been undergoing a devastating famine that has
cost millions of lives over the past fifty years


A) Do you think that Eggonians
have an obligation to the famine victims?


B) If you think that Eggonians
have an obligation to famine victims appeal to the reasoning of Singer

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