A business needs to be proactive not reactive, opinion essay

Please respond to the paragraph below. State whether you agree or disagree with evidence and examples. You should be giving your justified opinion and most important generate a discussion about the topic.

References required

I think initially the vision was driving the change but then I think as business began to suffer, the business began to drive the vision. A business needs to be proactive not reactive. Vision should always support change. This vision should be communicated to the employees and they should be asked for feedback. None of this was done and there was no buy-in by the employees for the later changes in vision so they just didn’t work for many reasons. I think heroic leaders and heroic businesses always rise to the challenge. All businesses go through a time of struggle and how that is handled always determines the outcome. Heroic leaders focus on the talent within the organization and ask what they think as well as look to what the competition is doing well and what they are not doing well. This is how business opportunities are created.

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