Nuclear Terrorism: Did We Beat the Odds or Change Them?

Write a four page review of the article…

Do not cut and paste same requirements as other assignments

1. (a)Your assignment cannot be greater than 18% duplication. I will not have SafeAssign review the references as a duplication so that will reduce some of your numbers.

(b). I will allow you to submit your assignment twice, but both must be submitted before the deadline. If your first submission is over 18% duplicated, fix it and resubmit. Only 1 resubmission is allowed.

SafeAssign will show you where the duplication has been found. Change it to your own words but still cite it in your references. I prefer the term references rather than bibliography in your reports.

2. Use a cover page. Some reports use up 1/4 of a page with name, date etc. which i don’t like.

3. Number your pages, even if the assignment is 1 page long. Do not number the cover page, there is a way to adjust that in word. Work with each other to find out how to properly number the pages.

4. Have a reference page with all your citations.

5. Cover page and references are Never counted as the minimum page requirements of an assignment

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