Bharati Mukherjee’s “American Dreamer.”

Write a 2-3 page academic summary of Bharati Mukherjee’s “American Dreamer.” What am I asking you to do? Because you will find yourself in many situations where you are expected to read a particular essay/article and write an analysis or argument based on a prompt from that reading, it is important that you can find your way inside the ideas being presented. Doing this requires a concerted effort in your approach. You will need to read/reread/read again to make sure that you understand exactly what the writer’s point/thesis is:

The steps in writing a summary are as follows:

  1. After a thorough first reading, write in your own words the point of the piece on scratch paper or a Word document to make sure that you understand the subject matter being presented.
  2. Reread and underline the main ideas, not the supporting points, the main ideas. Usually, a summary will include few supporting ideas unless they are crucial to understanding the piece.
  3. Write an introductory statement that includes the article title, the author’s name, and explains what the article is about (the thesis). These elements need not occur in this exact order.
  4. Decide on the order in which you want to present the main ideas. Other than the first and last main ideas, they do not need to follow chronological order. Instead they should be organized based on their importance in supporting your understanding of the author’s main point. Now, write the body of your summary.
  5. Finish the summary with the author’s own conclusions on the subject A summary is a concise restatement of an essay, article, or speech in your own words (paraphrasing). It must maintain and communicate the ideas of the original, it must not contain your opinions or vies, it must stick strictly to what the original source presents, it must contain all the main points of the original, and it will contain few supporting details. No matter how strongly you feel about this article, remain objective!

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