Innovation Scenario Profile: Apple and Huawei

How did each company demonstrate discovery behaviors and generate innovation insights/ ideas?

How would you characterize or compare the “insight” generation process in a company of your choice? Be sure to tell us what is the company of your choice that you are talking about.

Please be sure to note in your initial posts which readings you are referencing.

should be more than 250 words, and reply one student.

student TP:

Apple changed the game by putting the world in the palm of our hands. They asked “what if…,” “why not” questions that lead to the accessibility to the internet; therefore, opening a whole new world of possibilities: professional looking photos, applications and software, social media, shopping, banking, eating etc. Apple continued to add value to their brand by observing its prime market with its focus on photography. After all, Sony, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry and the like all had cameras too. Yet, they are not good enough for a “selfie.” The continuous quality upgrade of an Apple iPhone camera sells the phone.

Through associating, observing and questioning, Apple adds value to its brands and customers are more than willing to pay for it. There processes may have also included networking and experimenting, but the former three were more effective.

Huawei took a more internal approach. Founder, Ren Zhengfei, made a skillful move when he included his employees as owners of the business. An exponential amount of benefits manifest when employees understand that their productivity and performance directly affect their way of life. it’s motivating, really. Their learning focus forward thinking centers on experimenting.

Additionally, Huawei gain its competitive advantage by providing an affordable phone to an untapped market. While the price differs from Apple’s, the quality remains sufficient. Huawei questioned the pricing strategy of Apple and Samsung, consequently securing their own successful pricing. They concluded that devices that fit the need of their markets does not have to be costly.

I find a similar type of marketing strategy with Amazon. Prime’s fast shipping is among the great innovations of this decade. With the rise of online shopping and the “instant gratification” generation, Amazon Prime opened windows of possibilities for its consumer. I bought a wireless speaker at 6pm and got it at 6am the next morning. This turnaround made me appreciate the product even more. If I were to wait a week and half, my patience would have decreased, and the need would have lulled away. Amazon’s discovery skills have made them one of the most successful companies, even in line with Apple and Huawei.


Dyer, J., Gregersen, H., Christensen, C. (2009). The Innovator’s DNA. Harvard Business Review.

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