Data, information and knowledge

Paper 1: Answer the following questions

What is the difference between data, information and knowledge?

Explain in your own words how the data component related to the hardware and software components of information systems.

What is the difference between quantitative data and qualitative data? In what situations could the number 42 be considered qualitative data?

What are the characteristics of a relational database?

When would using a personal DBMS make sense?

What is the difference between a spreadsheet and a database? List three differences between them.

Describe what the term normalization means.

Why is it important to define the data type of a field when designing a rational database?

Name a database you interact with frequently. What would some of the field names be?

What is metadata?

Name three advantages of using a data warehouse.

What is data mining?

In your own words, explain the difference between supervised learning and unsupervised learning. Give an example of each (not from the book).


Need minimum 500 words

Need 3 APA References

Use side headings to address the content according to questions.

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