“E-mail Feature News Release”

Create a feature press release for Lawson Enterprises using all the details from the bulleted list

Paper instructions

content of the “E-mail Feature News Release” on page 55 to consider how to present the content of your release.

Before you begin writing, read the following information for
Lawson Enterprises, a fictitious company.
The fictitious information found on Lawson Enterprises
letterhead is
Lawson Enterprises
1126 Cedar Road
Portland, Maine 06060
For more information, contact Sylvia Landers, Media
Relations Director, at 555-321-6684, extension 32 or
[email protected]
Graded Project Graded Project
The following information can be used selectively. You don’t
need to include all of it in your press release.
Lawson Enterprises was founded in 1978. It began as a
developer of shopping malls in New England. Today, with more
than 8,000 employees and hundreds of subcontractors, Lawson
provides building supplies, architectural expertise, and
financing for residential and commercial development in the
United States and Canada. Lawson’s executives serve on the
boards of various urban and regional planning commissions.
Lawson Enterprises wants to develop a news release on the
following information:
n Lawson Enterprises is a major construction and development firm.
n Lawson is announcing that it will be providing vital
assistance to victims of the Red River flood in North
Dakota and Minnesota.
n Monetary contributions can be made to the American
Red Cross and the Salvation Army.
n Building supplies will be provided for selected areas
to assist uninsured persons in devastated low-income
residential areas.
n The distribution of materials will be coordinated through
state and local government agencies.
1. Create a feature press release for Lawson Enterprises
using all the details from the bulleted list. Be sure to
include all the details from this figure, including the use
of a bulleted list.
2. Feel free to invent appropriate details and rework the
background information as desired.
3. Format your press release to fit into a single page.

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