Implementing research recommendations

This journal assignment is the chance for you to describe what success looks like in terms of implementing your program recommendations and mitigating the potential institutional challenges associated with implementing and evaluating your recommendations. Part of this plan is to consider the time sequence for implementing and evaluating these recommendations. What do you need to do, and when do you need to do it? Which parts of your plan depend on the actions of others, and how might these actions impact your time sequence? In your final project, you will be able to create any type of visual that appropriately conveys the information; the visual does not have to be a timeline. You do not have to create the visual for this journal assignment; you just need to discuss the content and format of the visual.

Paragraph for each Critical Element: Measuring Success, Institutional Challenges, Time Sequence, and Questions.

Rubric is attached and the recommendations have already been established.

20190704185406hea_540_module_six_journal_guidelines_and_rubric (1)


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