Ivan as a tragic hero

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Use the definition of <em>tragic hero</em> from this week’s video. How does Ivan fit the definition of a tragic hero? How does Tolstoy change our expectations of the tragic hero? Is this story a modern tragedy?
<li>Posts should be 300–500 words each</li>
<li>Back up your arguments with evidence from the readings. Be sure to use quote, summary, or paraphrase at least once per post</li>
<li>Respond to the discussion prompt and demonstrate higher order thinking (apply, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, examine, pose, or connect to course concepts)</li>
<li>Follow MLA formatting and documentation guidelines when referring to course readings and other materials. Any Internet sources you quote, paraphrase, or summarize must be cited</li>
<li>Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation</li>
this is the linkhttp://www.classicallibrary.org/tolstoy/ivan/index…


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