Understanding World Religions

Drawing ONLY from our textbook (do NOT look up or cite info from websites or other books): compare and contrast the approach of different “spokespersons” of peace and justice from 2-3 different religious traditions (e.g. Hinduism & Buddhism OR, Christianity). After describing these similarities and differences, discuss the approaches that YOU think could be the most effective and why in your concluding paragraph(s).

Essay format & guidelines: 3-4 pages long; 12pt Times New Roman font; double spaced; 1inch margins; include ONLY your name at top of page (do NOT include course info, date, professor’s name etc.).

Include a thesis (e.g. “I will argue that…” & “I will do this by… X, Y, & Z”), an intro paragraph that outlines the content and order of your body paragraphs,

Several body paragraphs that start with a topic sentence, supporting examples and 2-3 in-text citations in each paragraph (use MLA formatting for proper in-text citations of your sources, e.g. (Smith & Burr, p.56). Click here for information on MLA formatting & in-text citation guidelines (Links to an external site.)).

And a concluding paragraph that summarizes what you covered and offers your own final critical assessment.

the book title is :
<h1>Understanding World Religions: A Road Map for Justice and Peace</h1>

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