The Movie Black Panther Reflection

Psy 100 Human Behavior Film Reflection Assignment

Choose a film from the Psy 100 Film list and write a 2- page reflection.

Be sure to cite properly using APA guidelines and to include the complete

citation of the film you viewed. Be sure to answer the following questions

within the context of your paper:

1) What were the main themes of this movie and how did they

relate to Human Behavior? Please be specific to themes

such as resiliency, endurance, leadership, motivation,

criminology, politics, mental illness/wellness or social


2) Which character did you relate to the most and why? Please

be specific.

3) What were three things that stood out for you as a result of

watching this particular film and how might they assist a

person on a personal or professional level?

Background information: im an international student studying forensic investigations B.S.

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