Diary of a Worm: Think Aloud Activity for Preschoolers

This assignment requires you to read the book Diary of a Worm by Cronin, D. (2003). Which the text for the whole book is attached

Once you have read the text, use the Diary of a Worm Think Aloud Text (attached) document to complete the activity using the following steps:

Read the Diary of a Worm text document marking spots that would be ideal to stop to model a comprehension strategy through a think aloud activity. (highlight the document)
Insert your think aloud activity into the appropriate part of the text. (attached an activity)
Write the words you would use with your early childhood students.
Identify the name of the comprehension strategy you are modeling.
Include all six of the evidence-based strategies for beginning readers.
Here are the links from the this week’s lessons but can look elsewhere.

**Please follow Rubric and answer all portions in the assignment**

Strategies for Reading Aloud to Young Children

Three types of Within Words Spelling Patterns

Research Behind the Big Six


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