Public Relations, Strategies and Tactics

After Reading Chapter 5 answer the following discussion question. Please follow guidelines in syllabus.

You need to develop a research plan for the following scenario. Discuss the importance of conducting research that informs the rest of your campaign plan.

You are part of a student task force that has been asked to develop a public relations plan to improve the relationship between your campus and local community residents. All you know is that a strong relationship does not currently exist; however, the task force decides to start by conducting research to determine the best way to proceed with the public relations plan. What research could you conduct that would be helpful to the aforementioned situation.

Each online discussion question is worth 50 points. Your response directly to my discussion question is worth 35 points and it must consist of at least 75 to 100 words (not to be attached by file). Your response to at least one other colleague in the class is worth 15 points and must consist of at least 50 words. Your responses must state your opinion, use textbook chapter learning to prove your comments to challenge or support the question or writer, and must be, at least the word count mentioned above.

the textbook is Wilcox and Cameron, Public Relations, Strategies and Tactics, eleventh edition. Allyn & Bacon (2012).

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