Quality of health Information

The assignment will examine methods used to evaluate the quality of information. Nurses must be discerning and knowledgeable about how to choose credible sources of information. Healthcare professionals have an obligation to provide clients with accurate and evidence-based health information. Review Chapter 4 and view the videos posted.

Assignment: Evaluating Sources for Credibility Paper

Review the “Quick Check For Your Sources: the TRAAP Test”

In the first paragraph discuss the similarities and differences between the TRAAP test, Evaluating Online Health Information from the National Library of Medicine, and the HONcode Principles.
Choose an online patient education website that is used (or could be used) as a link for patients. Cite and reference the website including the link at the end of your reference.
Write an evaluation for the chosen website using The Evaluation of Information Checklistprovided below.
Use APA format for this 750 to 800-word paper and review the grading rubric to identify the headings to use in this paper.
The Evaluation of Information Checklist can be used to evaluate the quality found on the internet with these 5 criteria:

Currency. Establish the Date of Publication. Examine creation and revision date, review facts and analysis in historical context, verify time-sensitive information (beware of descriptive words such as always, never, all, none and most), watch for scripting that creates the current date (display source code to check), and avoids updated information.
Relevance. Identify the source (domain ownership). Practice how to decode a web address and to detect web site spoofing. Some links are clearly indicated, some are multi-sourced and differ from the site owner, and others are masked.
Authority. Is the source an expert or authority? Examine authorship credentials, grammar and spelling, links to and from other websites, and other author publications. You can use other means (outside the internet) to verify credentials.
Accuracy. Verify What the Information Claims. Use primary sources that originate information for facts. Secondary sources (that interpret facts) should provide cited references. Look for cited references and when sources are reliable they should meet all the quality criteria.
Purpose. Determine the level of objectivity. Examine the writing style and see if it has a bias. Does advertising influence the content? Lack of objectivity doesn’t always correlate with substandard information if good facts and analysis are used. Some sites are balanced, some are clearly biased, and some present undocumented claims. https://youtu.be/PLTOVoHbH5c

This video will help you become a detective as you evaluate websites on healthcare information:https://medlineplus.gov/webeval/webeval_start.html#

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