Racial Segregation Essay

Part one

Although ample data exist to show that mixed race children fare just as well or sometimes even better than their counterparts, often interview quotes show that “the children” are often offered up as a reason by people who disapprove of or express reservations about intermarriage.

Why do you think people use this as a reason for their lack of support? Is resistance related to persistent prejudices? What might this state about our progress as a society when it comes to race?

Terms to understand and use for Module 5: social distance, family opposition, cohabitation, GLO/BGLO, social capital, social networks, segregation, Index of dissimilarity (D), paired studies, social desirability You should use these terms in Discussions and Quizzes.

PLEASE USE THE TERMS randomly also only source information used in the documents that will be attached no websites.

Part 2

1. Sometimes people observe racial segregation and assume it is because of comfort and choice on the part of people of color, as opposed to any further barriers being erected by whites today. What evidence can you point to from this week’s Module in housing and relationships that counters this “purely individual choice” argument? Give at least three data points, use your own words, and think like a sociologist.

2.After the late 1960s, (a) interracial marriage was no longer illegal in the US, nor was (b) housing discrimination, or (c) school segregation. Please identify two specific improvements that occurred in any of those 3 areas from approximately 1970 to 2000, as well as two specific examples that attest to the persistence of racial segregation in any of the 3 areas.

3.Social science evidence does show us that some types of cross-racial contacts in neighborhoods and relationships are increasing, even as other types of segregation persist. Is it occurring between some particular ethnic groups more than others, in some generations more than others, in some areas of the country more than others? Cite at least 3 data points to identify where the “stubborn spots” are in terms of progress on building a multiracial society here (in terms of housing and relationships specifically).

Again use the terms that are listed above and also only use the attachments as sources.

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