SWOT Analysis- leadership effectiveness

SWOT Analysis
This involves strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threat
Having leadership effectiveness helps to encourage the career of wolverhamptom marketing techniques and methods and proper technical experience enables someone to perform on the job successfully. Strong leadership qualities make them a valuable member of the team and a champion of the company initiative. There are expanded and robust academic programs. Enhanced and comprehensive academic services are available. Recognition as an international university and the better university international connections and joint ventures with global grounds contributes to the institution’s growth and development
Being an efficient team member needs us to be versatile and to consider others’ viewpoints. Inflexibility in the Wolverhamptom marketing plan may be a significant liability. In the marketing world, being argumentative is destructive. It can be counterproductive to someone’s career development to be publicly emotional. Lack of technical skills can be a serious weakness because of which one may not be able to achieve the desired productivity or quality of work. There are reduced admissions due to prevailing measures such as increased competition from different institutions and varying demographics. Reduced institutional resources for the use by the staff, this reduces the quality of the retention staff and the final performance.
The organization was enriched by the increasing interest of the public in the field of education. Expanding international cooperation and participation enhances the opportunities for the development of the organization. Accepting daunting challenges will greatly help one advance a career. Accepting new positions will encourage anyone in the marketplace and give a new dimension to their profession. Adapting the new advanced technology to one.
There has been increased competition from other educational establishments. Investing in a less educated higher education institution pulls the company out. The recession can lead to unemployment. If one cannot embrace emerging technology by undermining them, these innovations can lead to job losses. Market rivalry will cause a business to lose market share and employees to be laid off. Legal and economic shifts.
Explain all the following question
Positioning (also create Perceptual Map)
note;Using the STP framework, describe your organisation’s Segmentation, Targeting and
Positioning approach, identifying one target consumer and the specific needs and wants of that segment. clearly apply Kotler’s (1984) DAMP model to your targeting strategy, must also include aperceptual map for your organisation and its competitors

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