Empathys role in the racial justice movement

Engage with the materials and links provided (https://www.everydayresearchmethods.com/2020/07/empathys-role-in-the-racial-justice-movement.html) then, respond to the following:
What are the variables in Dr. Kraus’s research? Were these variables measured or manipulated? (Hint: There are two studies–take one at a time.)
Given your answer to question 1, were these studies correlational or experimental?
Two additional studies are provided – what are the variables? Are the studies correlational or experimental? (Hint: There are two studies–decide the variables in each study separately.)
In the study by Bruneau and colleagues, what were the variables? Can you tell if the variables were manipulated or measured?
What do you think–was Bruneau’s study an experiment or a correlational study? Can it support the causal claim that “these dialogues increased connection and positive regard between groups?”
Dr. Zaki’s descriptions of the studies are short on detail, likely the result of working under a word-limit and writing for a popular audience. Try following the links to one of the studies linked in Dr. Zaki’s article. Are you able to access the full text of the study easily? If not, can you access the journal using your university’s library? When you read the full text of the original study, were you correct about its correlational or experimental nature?

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