Monitoring system for usage

To provide you with an opportunity to monitor system for usage, security and output in accordance with organisational requirements.
Question.1. Describe an issue you may experience with each of the following:
Ø Usage
Ø Security
Ø Output.
Question.2. Research digital dashboards and describe at least two performance indicators you would use (short description)
Question.3. Monitoring the output of a new system is an important aspect of improving business systems. Brief description of why monitoring the change in output is important.
Question.1. Provide three reasons why you may need to modify or change a system.
Question.2. You have been employed as a supervisor in a manufacturing company in a large city. The job looks very interesting. On your first day you find that 5 of your 18 staff are very negative and they tell you that management had made big changes that they don’t agree with. Neither did your predecessor, who left two weeks ago.
Your manager, who is part of the senior management team, tells you that it is an exciting time in the company as a new system has just been introduced and helps everyone become more efficient, and to track job completion.
Using information contained in this section, outline 2 things you can do to calm your staff down and provide feedback to senior management to strengthen the outcomes of the new system.
Question.1. When reviewing administrative systems in your organisation or business industry, which legislative and organisational policies do you need to follow? – name two

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