Ethical issues case study

After completing her MACP all courses at Yorkville University, Amanda began practicum in a small local agency that provides mental health services to nursing home residents. As part of Amanda’s orientation to the agency, her supervisor, John, reviews informed consent requirements. John states that the policy of the agency prohibits Amanda from routinely disclosing her training status to clients. John advises Amanda not to lie about her position if directly asked by a client, but otherwise, she should not disclose her practicum related training status. John contends that clients may lose confidence in her if they know that Amanda is a practicum student and may ask for a different therapist. Fearing that she will alienate her supervisor and lose clients, Amanda reluctantly agrees to this condition.
Answer the following questions:
What are the ethical issues in this case? Identify the dilemma(s) in the code of ethics.
Did the counsellor-in-training acted in accordance with the applicable standards and principles?
What other approaches would be more ethical? Make a decision by setting the standards and rules for the case.

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