Implementation and communication of change

1. Organization Background
As we are in the picture that before the establishment of NPA (National Procurement Authority) in 2014 under the Administrative Office of the President, the procurement processes of Afghanistan were controlling and was carried forward by only three or four ministries which can be named as ministry of finance, ministry of justice and ministry of economy and all the final decisions for procurement were made by the aforementioned authorities, and based on that most of the another governmental organizations were facing problems on their procurement processes like their contracts were delayed, the other problem was lack of procurement capacity among their employees, and the third and most important problem shall be reminded as no monitoring and supervision on the projects and so on. So based on the abovementioned problems the President of Afghanistan made the decision of making a centralized, strong and almost independent administration by the name National Procurement Authority which is now only responsive to the NPC (National Procurement Commission) and is led by President Ghani. Based on decree no. 16 of H.E. the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on December 2014, the National Procurement Authority (NPA) established under the Administrative Office of the President. The importance of procurement processes roots from persistent connection between procurement and all other sectors in governments. Nowadays, procurement plays vital role in human society’s development at national and international levels. In addition, sound procurement system leads to economic and socio-political stability in a country. Through reasonable financial and economic mechanisms and in the light of national regulatory frameworks as well as global standards, procurement facilitates health, education and other infrastructural services for citizens, and paves the way for business development and brighter future for all. The Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan recognizes the key role which public procurement plays in a country. Based on surveys 33.84 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and approximately 50 percent of National budget is spent through public procurement, therefore the government took a number of reforms up to provide better public services, establish an effective and transparent procurement system, controlling public expenditure, and decrease corruption.
2- Description of the Problem
Here in my assignment I am selecting one of the major problems which currently NPA is dealing with to discuss it, that problem could be luck of cooperation and support of most of governmental entity with national procurement authority, because they knew that by establishing National Procurement Authority and specially by centralizing the procurement processes of huge contracts the NPA had cut the hands of those who had the biggest opportunities of corruptions in their ministries or their own organization which has the authority of purchasing. It is worth mentioning that by centralizing the procurement processes that NPA has added a huge amount of benefits or we can say billions of Afghanis to the national treasure of Afghanistan.
3- Analysis of the problem
Gather and interpret information to identify possible options to solve the problem
The type of the decision (read the chapter)
The decision environment (read the chapter)
Information to identify possible solutions to a problem is gathered and interpreted and type of decision and environmental elements are described.
4- Resolution of the problem
Clearly state what you hope to achieve (the objective)
Generate and examine options for solving the problem using simple decision making technique(s) to arrive at the best solution
State your chosen solution clearly and concisely
State your contingency solution clearly and concisely.
Make sure that in this evaluation you identify any resource implications
Briefly summarized the options providing facts and evidence not just opinion
Used at least one simple decision making technique to evaluate options to arrive at the best
Implementation and communication of the solution
Provide an action plan for the implementation and communication of the solution
5- Planned the implementation and communication of the decision
note: dear team please solve the step 3,4 and 5 in details and more information with step by step solution based on the above information.
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