Iinternational debt and financial crises

1. Compare and contrast the different types of debt
problems that were discussed in this chapter in
terms of (a) the source of the debt, (b) the interests
of major actors in each situation, and (c) how the
situation was resolved, if it was.
2. Why so much fuss over speculation? Why do
you suppose Keynes would be concerned about
it today? Use Chapter 7 to help answer this
3. Explain the connection between debt that results
from borrowing money and the debt associated
with a deficit in the balance of payments. Use
examples from the readings.
4. What lessons could Europeans learn from previous crises that could help them resolve their own
financial crisis?
5. Explain the role of the IMF in helping to solve
balance-of-payments crises. Do you feel the IMF
could do more? Why? Why not?
6. If you were to write up a brief outline of how to
solve current crises, what measures would you
emphasize? Explain.

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