The future development of tourism

LO1 Understand the rationale for planning in the travel and tourism industry
1.1 discuss how stakeholders can benefit from planning of tourism developments with reference to a current case study
1.2 discuss the advantages and disadvantages of public/private sector tourism planning partnerships drawing on a current example
LO2 Understand different approaches to tourism planning and development
2.1 analyse features of tourism development planning at different levels
2.2 evaluate the significance of interactive planning systems and processes in tourism developments
2.3 evaluate different methods available to measure tourist impact
LO3 Understand the need for planning for sustainable tourism
3.1 justify the introduction of the concept of sustainability in tourism development
3.2 analyse factors that may prevent/hinder sustainable tourism development
3.3 analyse different stages in planning for sustainability
LO4 Understand current issues related to tourism development planning
4.1 evaluate methods of resolving a conflict of interests to ensure the future well-being of a developing tourism destination
4.2 analyse the implications of balancing supply and demand
4.3 evaluate the moral and ethical issues of enclave tourism
LO5 Understand the sociocultural, environmental and economic impacts of tourism in developing countries and emerging destinations
5.1 compare current issues associated with tourism development in a developing country and an emerging destination where the impacts of tourism are different
5.2 evaluate, with recommendations, the future development of tourism in these destinations

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