Synopsis of The East Side Sushi film

Juana is a single Mexican American mother who lives with her young daughter and widowed father in East Oakland, California. She has tried many jobs. At one point, she became as a sous chef at the Japanese restaurant Osaka. Her interest in sushi grew, she begun to develop signature sushi dishes on her own time through much trial and error. She wants to enter the contest called “Champions of Sushi,” which offers a first prize of 20,000 dollars. When a sushi chef quits, Juana is asked to help make sushi dishes. She improves and impresses the veteran chef Aki, to whom she starts to get close. But the Japanese owner refuses to let her work as a sushi chef to “keep the authenticity of the restaurant.” Juana, though keeping her head down at first, demands a chance to become a sushi chef, but the owner, Mr. Yoshida, turns her down because she is a woman and not Japanese. She angrily quits the job. But at that time, she is selected as one of four finalists in the “Champions of Sushi” contest, which is televised. With the staff at her former restaurant watching her on TV, she puts up a good fight in the contest but ultimately places second. She cries backstage after her defeat. However, she has gained the respect of her fellow competitors that previously mocked her, and Mr. Yoshida. The East Side Shushi ends with a scene of her father and daughter eating at Osaka Restaurant with Aki, and Juana working as a sushi chef. She and Mr. Yoshida drink a toast.
Question 1:
Explain FIVE (5) American culture-oriented values that can be adapted from this synopsis with justifications.
Question 2:
Relate this film synopsis with the roles of gender in high culture and low culture in America.

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