Evolution of hotel human resources practices

1. This chapter indicates GMs require conceptual, interpersonal, administrative, and technical skills to be effective. It also provided an example of each type of skills. What are three additional examples of each type of skill? Which type of skill do you feel is the most important? Why?
2. There has been an evolution of hotel human resources practices from the GM as “boss” to the GM as a facilitator and team leader. State several reasons why this has occurred?
3. What are three strategies that you as a hotel GM would use while working with your pot management team to develop the planning tools (core values, vision, and mission) that will drive your hotel’s organizational culture?
4. GMs often do not have enough time to do all the work required of team. Some tasks simply must be delegated. What are three specific things you could do when delegating work to subordinates to help ensure they do not think you are “dumping” additional work onto them?
5. Motivation has been defined as “an inner drive that a person has to attain a goal.” If this is the case, how can GM “motivate” an employee? To what extent do you think a motivated employee will be more likely to remain with a hotel property than will an unmotivated co-worker?

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