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startup company is producing a website related to healthy eating in Canada. They are doing a special focus on genetically modified foods ( article that will give their users an interesting and informative opinion piece on some specific genetically modified foods in Canada. Their target market is younger grocery shoppers.
list of genetically modified products that have been approved for use in Canada on this Government of Canada website:
from the list, choose five or six food products from the last five years. From this list of five or six, choose TWO that most interest you.
after selecting the foods you want to investigate, complete the following tasks:
Put down brief summary of each product you selected. Be sure to include answers to at least the following:
How is the organism different from the unmodified organism?
What is the theoretical benefit to the modified organism for use as a food product?
2. Make a personal decision about whether you would consume the genetically modified food. Be sure to include reasons and evidence for your decision.
3. Which of the two modified foods do you feel provides the greatest benefit to Canadians in terms of their value to science, industry, and consumers.
4. Which of the two modified foods do you feel poses the greater risk to Canadians in terms of their value to science, industry, and the end consumers?
5. Take your summary to five friends or family members and share the information with them. Ask them their opinion on each of the modified foods and specifically whether they would consume them or not. This information should be included in your web article.
6. Communicate the information you gathered through your web article.
express your opinion on the topic and analyze the opinions of the people you surveyed. provide supporting evidence for your stance on genetically modified foods that is referenced in proper (APA)

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