Strategic importance/advantage of a country

You have to write report, in a group of maximum ten students, that should cover the following aspects:  Location of the country and detailed analyses of the strategic importance/advantage that country has because of its geographical location  Analyze the impact of cultural, economic, political and legal factors on businesses operating in that country  Discuss currency of that country and its value against five major currencies (US Dollar, the Euro, Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen and Chinese Renminbi) and any recent event that impacted the value of currency  Discuss major imports and exports of that country, highlighting its major trading partners (countries) as well and why?  Highlight any natural or acquired advantage that country enjoys  Practices adopted by government of that country to have an influence on trade and Economic Trade Agreements made by that country  At least 3 Examples each of Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions in that country by Multinational Enterprises  Highlight the largest company of the country of your choice with its nature of business and value in terms of USD  How global fast food chains like KFC, McDonalds, Subway or any other has adopted the local taste and preferences. (Link of Video ad or Print Ad of fast food chain in country of your choice is mandatory to explain the difference)

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