Real-time data warehousing

Organizations require faster decision making to be competitive in today’s marketplace. Data comes in faster and requires immediate conversion. Real-time data warehousing (RDW) is also known as active data warehousing (ADW). RDW is the process of loading and providing data via the data warehouse as it becomes available.

In an organization, what kinds of applications require real-time data warehousing?

Discuss applications that do not require real-time data warehousing.

What is the difference between the two and why is real-time data warehousing important only to some applications?

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When replying to a classmate, comment on their choice of applications that need or don’t need real-time data warehousing. If you agree or disagree with their choice, explain your reasoning.

A kind of application that requires real-time data warehousing is Bloomberg Terminals which are live financial information providers. This create value for companies and individuals. Data stores that are mainly used for historical data, like certain offerings from IBM and Oracle are used for research and analysis of past data. Real-time data is only necessary for certain scenarios, typically the ones in a fast quick-paced environment that live up to data information.

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