Total Quality Management TQM

a) Total Quality Management TQM refers to management of an entire organization so that it excels in all aspects of products and services that are important to the customer.
List five (5) concepts for an effective TQM, commenting on at least ONE (1).
(4 marks)

b) List and briefly describe the three (3) Process Strategies. ( 6 marks)
c) Once a product is selected and designed, its production is assisted by a variety of documents. List and comment on four (4) of these documents. (4 marks)

d) Using the the four (4) main costs of quality, re-arrange the following costs of Allison’s Company in table below to reflect the four (4) types of quality costs you identified.
(6 marks)
Allison’s Company Quality Costs
Quality engineering of products $20,000
Quality training of employees $2,000
Net cost of scrap $30,000
Rework labor $4,500
Warranty repairs $100,000
Product recalls $200,000
Liability arising from defective products $1,000,000
Maintenance of test equipment $44,000
Quality improvement projects $55,000
Setups for testing $3,000
Supplies used in testing $5,500
Downtime caused by defects $70,000
Disposal of defective products $80,000

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