Information and business communications management

Supplier F asked why the supply manager had requested bids at all if his “mind had been made up all along.” Supplier F said that the order should have gone to the lowest bidder who could provide the object desired. He said he could meet the specifications and could deliver to any schedule supplier D could meet. He demanded the order, and when the supply manager informed supplier F that “final selection of the supplier is entirely my province,” the supplier raged that he would “spread the word to the trade” and would write the Collier Company president, who “should know of such favouritism and incompetence.” He further stated that he even suspected that money had passed hands for this order. The supply manager was upset by these calls and did not enjoy his supper on May 9. 1. What suggestions might you have made in the supply manager’s handling of this matter? (3 marks) 2. What would you recommend that he do now and why? (5 marks) 3. To what extent would you concur in the supply manager’s belief that suppliers should at least be allowed to recover direct costs? (2 marks) 4. Who do you feel should have received the order and why? (5 marks) 5. What are the weaknesses inherent in the competitive bidding process? discuss (5 marks) 6. Discuss “benchmarking” in relation to Collier’s tendering procedure that was used. (5 marks) 7. Do you think best operating practises was used to select appropriate supplier? If yes/No, kindly discuss. (5 marks) 8. With regards to best practises in improving productivity, do you think production employees seated at high stools instead of standing at their work benches will add value? Discuss (5 marks) 9. In relation to defining operation management, do you think that the administration of this tender equid a fair business practice? Discuss (5 marks) 10. Discuss “information management “as one of the best OMP in relation to how Collier tender was awarded (5 marks) 11. What will be Collier’s benefits if the new operation plant achieves its objective? (5 marks) Total 50=100

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