Students with physical and cognitive limitations

His family called him Felipe, but he preferred to use the more Americanized nickname “Chip” that his friends IBE HJWFO IJN)F XBT FYDJUFE UP CF MFBWJOH IPNF GPS college. Thoughts of being on his own thrilled him with endless possibilities. Even though he was only a freshman, he planned to live with some older friends in their off-campus apartment. A few weeks after school began, Felipe decided to hitchhike home to surprise his mother, who missed him a great deal. He stuck out his thumb early on Friday afternoon but never made it home. After his first ride, he bought a soda and began to thumb anew. Shortly afterward, he was struck in the head by the mirror on a pickup truck. Luckily, Felipe was carrying identification in his backpack, and his family was alerted shortly after he was admitted to the hospital. When he regained consciousness, a few hours BGUFS UIF BDDJEFOU ‘FMJQF XBT FYUSFNFMZ EJTPSJFOUFEHe made no attempt to speak and was very lethargic. Although he seemed to recognize his family, he made OP BUUFNQU UP DPNNVOJDBUF XJUI UIFN 0WFS UIF OFYU GFX XFFLT IJT DPOEJUJPO TMPXMZ TUBCJMJ[FE1IZTJDJBOT were initially concerned about swelling in the area of the injury. There was evidence of some internal bleeding, but it was not a major problem. Once the swelling began to recede, Felipe’s abilities slowly returned. He began to recall the names of family members and common objects. Walking was FYUSFNFMZ EJGGJDVMU CFDBVTF PG QBSBMZTJT PO UIF SJHIU TJEF of his body. He dropped out of college and remained at home, where he received intervention services. As an outpatient, he was seen by a speech-language pathologist, a physical therapist, and an occupational therapist. After a year’s absence from school, Felipe returned and was able to be successful with some adaptations, TVDI BT UIF VTF PG B UBQF SFDPSEFS BOE FYUSB UJNF GPS completing written tests. He retains a slight limp in his right leg and some minimal weakness in his right arm. His language and speech skills have returned, although he has some mild word-finding difficulties. His cognitive abilities are more concrete than those he had before the accident, and problem-solving tasks require greater effort. All indications are that he will be successful in his academic pursuits, although his physical and cognitive limitations will continue to affect him.

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