Investigating the adoption of Agile methodologies and practices

Assignment 2 This assignment is due 11:00 pm on 1st February, 2021. The assignment a has component that is a C# source code but the majority is written responses. The responses and the C# code should be submitted through the submission link in the unit site. Please do not leave the assignment to the last minute as you can start work on much of the assignment well before the due date. If you do require an extension for submission you must request this before the due date. Unless an extension is agreed, a late penalty will be applied. Each day late submission will apply a 5% penalty with a maximum of five days late. Submissions after four days will not be awarded any credit. Please note that a timestamp of 11:01 on the due date is considered one day late. This assignment covers the agile development and automatic document generation topics in the unit. Important: You must submit your own solution with reasoning, however, we are perfectly happy for you to chat and discuss with previous students of this unit and your current classmates. The last bit is particularly important. What we are looking for is the thought process behind your designs and solutions as well as the actual solutions. Reports which do not give satisfactory reasons for their designs and solutions will be penalised. Part 1 – Agile processes (15 marks) Totem Technology Services (TTS) were so pleased with your previous software development advice where you assisted them with procurement processes, that you have retained them as a client. As you know, TTS are involved with Internet of Things (IoT) products. The founders of TTS recognised a larger need for small and ‘smart’ software products than centralised large systems. To maintain its competitive advantages, TTS has to adapt itself to the market. Sizes of their development projects will become smaller, while multiple projects of many varieties may be undertaken in parallel. The Waterfall process model is not appropriate for many of their future projects. TTS is investigating the adoption of Agile methodologies and practices. You are required to write a report on the adoption of Scrum and XP methodologies (including identifying individual practices and processes suitable for TTS), for TTS. Your report should provide: • An overview of the Agile mindset (1 marks). • Comparison of the Agile mindset and the Waterfall process (3 marks). • Description of Scrum process and XP methodology (3 marks). • Guidelines for choosing Scrum or XP according to types of projects (3 marks). • Choose another well-known Agile method as a candidate for adoption and justify your choice (5 marks). The other well-known process can be any process you know. This will require independent research and your illustration of understanding Agile concepts in software development. The contents of the report should be organised logically, and the report should have a title, an executive summary, an introduction, a conclusion, and reference list. The briefing should be a maximum of 1500 words. This is a briefing to an employer/client. You will be penalised for going over the limit, as it may indicate your writing is not precise and you have not thought about your responses enough.

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