Evaluation of video – The Making of the Constitution

CHOOSE TWO!!! Fill out this Living History worksheet to discover the men, women, and African Americans who we consider ‘Founding Fathers’ during this time period. This is by means NOT a complete listing; this is a small sampling. If you would like to add, or substitute, a person who is not included on this list, please feel free!

ASSİGNMENT 2: For this assignment, rather than answer pre-made questions on a question sheet, YOU will create the questions!

1) While watching the video called ‘The Making of the Constitution‘, which is on my YouTube channel, take notes.

Here is the link to the video (copy and paste):

2) From your notes, you will create your own ‘video question sheet’. Your video question sheet will have TEN questions, and must include the question PLUS the answer. FIVE of the questions will be multiple choice, and FIVE will be true/false. Underline, highlight, bold, or fill in the ‘correct’ answer.

For example:

1) The color _______ is a primary color.

a) red b) brown c) orange

2) Yellow is a primary color. True or False? TRUE

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