Culturally sensitive elements

Choose a piece of written health communication collateral (could be a brochure, poster, checklist). You should select collateral that is available via the Internet, or a piece that you are able to scan in as a .pdf file.

In your PowerPoint presentation:

Provide a brief overview of the target audience for the piece.

Discuss the culturally sensitive elements of the piece.

Identify and describe an alternative target audience population. For example, if the piece originally targeted women, you might analyze it from a male perspective. If the piece originally targeted Hispanics, you might analyze it from an African American perspective. Note, you may need to do additional cultural research about an audience if you are unfamiliar or are not part of the audience yourself. You should cite any sources used for cultural understanding.

Describe which elements of the piece (text, organization, visuals, etc.) would need to be modified for this new population.

Discuss how you might modify these elements to make the piece relevant to this new target audience.

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