Why religious traditions have a sacred scripture

So the first question I would like you to respond to for this week is:

Why do you think so many religious traditions have a sacred scripture? Why is it that most of the world’s religions have a book or collection of books that contain the important teachings of that religion? What are some of the benefits of scriptures?

Secondly, I would like you to think about the challenge of interpretation that comes along with having a scripture. How do you make sure that a sacred scripture is understood and interpreted correctly? What are some ways you know of that religions regulate the interpretation of their scripture? Or how do you think religions should ensure that no one is going to misinterpret their scriptures?

Week One Power Point Outline

What is Scripture?

“sacred text” or “holy book” of a religious tradition
Some have one, some have a whole library!
Scriptura – writing
Scripture is “primarily a relational, not a literary, quality” (5)
No “requirements” for what scripture has to be
“writing that is accepted and used in a religious community as especially sacred and authoritative”
Most religions have scripture, but scriptures vary greatly among the world’s religions
Stories, teachings, doctrines, conversations, poetry, philosophy, ritual, etc.
Your initial response

must be at least 250 words and include two direct quotations from the reading (along with the page numbers for the quotes).

You must also respond to at least two classmates

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