Maternal emotional signaling

chose a section of the textbook to read from the choices below and write a reflection/thoughts about it.


• Chapter 3 Lally & Valentine French (2019) – pages 85-106.

• Sorce, J. F., Emde, J. J., Campos, J. J., & Klinnert, M. D. (1985). Maternal emotional signaling: Its effect on the visual cliff behavior of 1-year-olds. Developmental Psychology, 21, 195–200.
• Dumont, C. & Paquette, D. (2013). What about the child’s tie to the father? A new insight into fathering, father–child attachment, children’s socio-emotional development and the activation relationship theory, Early Child Development and Care, 183:3–4, 430–446.
• Morgan, Paul. (2010). Towards a Developmental Theory of Place Attachment. Journal of Environmental Psychology.

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