Effects of carlifornia wild fires on health of the people

The study you will be focusing is, ” How do the California wildfires affect the health of people in California.” This includes people of all ages.

Methodology (1 page for the first draft) – The main purpose of this section is to explain the way in which the study will be conducted. It should explicitly explain the methods utilized, and the strategy followed to collect, store and analyze your data. For the purpose of this class the methodology will include a section identifying the main qualitative method utilized, providing a formal definition of the method according to the consulted bibliography.

“Imagine explaining the process to a friend:”

Who will be your subjects/participants?
What will the data be collected?
What will the setting be (virtual for all) and what will be the actual steps taken when collecting data?
How will the data analyzed?
How will your data be stored and coded for analysis?

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