Polonius and Reynaldo Shakespeare Drama section

Question 1: Why does this act open with Polonius and Reynaldo? What does this tell us about Polonius’s character, and what theme or motif does it introduce in the play? What does he decide to do at the end of this speech?Hamlet’s “O what a rogue and peasant slave am I” is the first of his soliloquies. What is he saying, and how does this set of words help to move him to action?

Question 2 : Hamlet appears in this Act as the only truly gifted politician, the only accurate reader of men’s minds, in the whole of Elsinore. Why, then, is he so reluctant to act – so incapable, it seems, of action? Why does he not even mention revenge until the very last speech of the Act? It seems that Hamlet is so obsessed with contemplating the meaning of action that he is rendered unable to act himself.”

Question 3 : Write a 1 paragraph abstract about your upcoming Shakespeare (Drama section) paper? What aspects of the play are you going to explore? What conclusions have you come to about these aspects?

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