*Copy and paste Worksheet into your own document*Answering Questions Worksheet INTRODUCTIONWhat is your attention-grabber? Give some brief background to help your audience understand the issue, but do not overwhelm them.What’s the so-what? Why should your audience care about this issue?What’s the central claim or thesis of your paper?BODYPartition, or break down, your argument into smaller parts to give the audience a roadmap of your paper.Consider using an anecdote to illustrate the issue, give some history, or explain important terms and concepts. Mention sources you will include.
Discuss different stakeholders and how this issue affects them. Go into more detail about the urgency of the issue and why your audience should care. Mention sources you will include.Discuss other points of view. What’s the conversation surrounding this issue? What are others saying? What voices have not been heard? What information did you find in your research? How would scholars respond to each other? Mention sources you will include.Based on your analysis of your research, what is the solution to this issue? What research supports this? Are you basing your argument on experience or expertise? Mention sources you will include.CONCLUSION Restate your central claim or thesis, using different words.

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